Charm of 6 Tohoku Prefectures

AOMORI Prefecture

Aomori Prefecture, the northernmost prefecture in Honshu, has sights for you to enjoy throughout the year. This includes Hirosaki Castle's cherry blossom trees, the Aomori Nebuta Matsuri Festival, and UNESCO Natural Heritage sites like the Shirakami-Sanchi, Lake Towada, Oirase Gorge, the autumn leaves and rime-covered trees of the Hakkoda Mountains, and the 'Stove Ressha' coal-powered train. The prefecture features a variety of cultural attractions, including: high-quality onsens (hot spring) such as Sukayu Onsen, Aoni Onsen, and Furofushi Onsen, art attractions such as the Aomori Museum of Art, Towada Art Center, rice paddy art, and izakaya where you can enjoy Tsugaru-jamisen music. There are also plenty of food-based attractions as well, such as apple-picking experiences, apple sweets, morning markets where you can enjoy Oma tuna and scallops as well as unique donburi dishes, visits to the numerous sake breweries in the area, and much more.

AKITA Prefecture

The ‘high-quality countryside’ of Akita is overflowing with attractions to see all throughout the year, including cherry blossom trees, lush green leaves, summer festivals, autumn leaves, and the 'Little New Year'
Of course, Akita has local cuisine and delicious sake; Akita's famous hot springs and 'hidden' hot springs also come with a particularly high recommendation, as they will revitalize both your skin and your spirit.
Akita is most proud of its hospitality, which the whole prefecture participates in.
With a prefectural motto of 'Everyone is an Akita guide', Akita Prefecture wholeheartedly welcomes all visitors and invites you to come visit Akita.
We sincerely look forward to your visit.

IWATE Prefecture

Located in Japan’s northeastern region, Iwate Prefecture occupies the largest land area within Japan after Hokkaido.
Iwate is overflowing with copious beautiful seasonal attractions, including magnificent ocean scenery with ria coasts, majestic mountains, and numerous cultural and historical landmarks, represented primarily by the World Heritage Sites of Hiraizumi and the Hashino iron mining and smelting site.

MIYAGI Prefecture

Eastern Miyagi Prefecture is blessed with beautiful scenic locales such as Sanrikuoki, one of the top 3 fishing spots in the whole world, as well as Matsushima, one of Japan's top 3 most scenic locations.
Western Miyagi Prefecture is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery including mountains such as Mt. Zao and Mt. Kurikoma. In such locations, depending on the time of year you can see beautiful summer green leaves, autumn leaves, and even rime-covered trees.
Within the central city area, you can enjoy a broad variety of food, art, and cultural attractions all through the seasons in former castle towns overflowing with historical atmosphere.

YAMAGATA Prefecture

Yamagata Prefecture is blessed with an abundance of beautiful natural sights with changing faces throughout the seasons, such as famous mountains like Mt. Zao as well as the Mogami River which passes through the prefecture.
A particular phenomenon occurring in January and February is the appearance of 'rime', which is unusual throughout the world; this phenomenon draws all who see it into an illusionary world of splendor, leaving an everlasting impression.
The prefecture is also a treasure trove of Japan's most prided foods and beverages such as cherries and other fruits, Yamagata beef, and Japanese sake. From the onsens welling up from all the cities, towns and villages within the prefecture, to the rich spiritual culture represented by the Dewa Sanzan shrines, we wholeheartedly encourage you to come experience all the delights of Yamagata Prefecture.

FUKUSHIMA Prefecture

Flowers in full bloom, green leaves catching the light of the summer sun, multicolored autumn foliage, and winter scenery.
Festivals, sake, local cuisine, and seasonal fruits, all overflowing with personality.
Fukushima Prefecture has countless attractions all through the seasons.
The romance and colors of Fukushima Prefecture await you all year long.
We sincerely invite you to come visit Fukushima Prefecture.